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Dear diary, well it has been awhile again since my last post here. I have had trouble finding a job so I started school again. One month in and 5 to go and hopefully with my experience and then school that will help me get a good job. Not many people I know willing to pay for a maid so I have to do something. But then again my Lady doesn't even have me work for her as a maid either so I must really be bad at it. I guess she just has lost interest in the discipline part and taking charge like she use too. She did have me dress in something for bed the other night and then took charge like she use too but I think maybe that was the drinks she had, only time will tell. It did remind me who was in charge and who my ass belonged to. Just wish it was more often because she is so damn sexy when she does that. Makes one feel very much owned and submissive when she has her way or takes the time to set things straight when her bratty gurl shows her face. Although we might have to tie me down to receive it if she felt it was needed.           5614495406_4cbbb258a5     cane11-page1      

Apr. 7th, 2013

Dear diary, well it was a somewhat productive day yesterday. My Lady and I did some cleaning up the back yard some and it is finally getting nice out after a long winter. Also got the back room a bit organized as well by moving some shelves from the back porch to the junk room. I did notice though after my Lady cleared out a dresser to give to my son who got his first place, a new paddle laying on the bed in the pile of things. I am not sure where it came from but it did peek my interest some. I'm sure it isn't new but also wondered if it was something I might get the experience of knowing a bit more. There is nothing like being told to bend over or better yet told to lay across one's dominate to receive such. For one it keeps one's focus and changes attitudes very quickly. Like chastity is a reminder of one's place only much faster and let's one know how much one is truly loved by the effort of the dominant to show in using such tactics to remind one of their place. She already has one she keeps close to the bed but seldom uses anymore. Maybe by finding the little red one, just maybe she has planned to get back to correcting a bratty gurls attitude from time to time.
Dear diary, well here is another entry as my rules state that I am supposed to follow. In fact it is rule number six and should be done on a daily basis, but aren't. Over the last few days she has showed some of the dominance over me That she use too so well. I'm not sure why but glad to do as she wishes mostly. She has had me get on my knees before her quit a bit and has been quick to let me know when I was out of line lately as well. Thus is the reason I have been keeping clean shaved once again at all time, making sure that the hair is kept smooth. Besides she has once again used my chastity device often which is much easier to wear when smooth and I am obedient to her. She hasn't kept it on me for too long but also has been quick to tell me to go get it as well. She even had me a few times strip to accept spankings as she felt needed also. I am not sure if this is a phase of hers or if she plans on getting back to her old ways, but either way I am thankful for it. I have always wanted to belong to a sexy, dominate woman and with her I have found all three. But sometimes I wonder about it when she gets that tone in her voice and I know she is somewhat upset with me or my attitude. Not knowing is the hardest part sometimes from the length of chastity to the amount and force of the spankings all the way to the rest of the who's what's and when's let alone the how she wants something done. I do know we agreed in the past to certain things and rules to follow which I can easily access as I have the last week or so. That is why I need to get off here and get a shower and make sure the stubble is gone as well as I am dressed as our rules say. I just hope it isn't a phase as much as I hope she doesn't see fit to use more extreme measure to keep her gurl on track.
Dear diary, well it has been awhile since my last entry in here. I am not sure what has gotten into my Lady the last few days but figured I best right something in here. We have a kid free home once again with just us living here now and she seems to have come back to her dominate side some. That is a good think but then again it is bad as well. I made no apparent remark to her taking charge like she use too, but she seems to be back at her dome self somewhat. We were just lying in bed the other night when out of the blue she demanded me put my chastity device on. I really hate that thing but she doesn't take no for an answer so it went on. I spent a day or so in it and after some serious begging she let me out. But as usual I was kidding around with her again and she had me put it back on once again. I'm not sure if she really likes the control of me she has with me wearing it or if she just wishes to prove a point. I do know because of this morning while I was locked up in it I shaved smooth everywhere to make sure all my body was smooth as well as put on a pair of hose along with my panties as our rules state for me to do seeing she seems to be taking back her role as my dominate. She came home and had me kneel before her and I thought she was about to release me from my cage when she scared me a bit and told me how the look on my face was thinking I was to be set free. thankfully she did take it off and was only teasing. Then a bit later while in the kitchen she stuck her ass out and I gently played and rubbed it some before the mischivious brat in me swatted it lightly. That was the wrong response she was looking for I soon found out and she told me very quickly to get my chastity device back on. After a whole lot of pleading she relented but instead had me lower my pants and bend over the counter for a quick swat of her own. Thankfully it was only one swat and not her usual over her knee with rapid fire blows until she is satisfied like she use to do. Those really hurt a lot more because like chastity, she is the only one who knows how long or many I am to get. I did go back over our rules to refresh my memory although I really didn't need to. But thought I should anyway since she seems to be wanting to step up and resume her authority over me as I have been missing it so much and probally way out of line for sometime now.
But as her property she is the one to decide that and I am the one to accept it her way.

Dear diary, well it has been months again since my last entry in here. My lady told me so this afternoon so I guess I should write something. There hasen't been much going on here lately and not sure why I need to do this since it seems she has lost interest herself. Today was the first time she mentioned it in months and not much else happening either around here. She did tell me the other day that she expected me to shave my body in front of her one friend and I did so but she hasen't mentioned it since. I'm job hunting once again and my son has moved home also making it difficult to have any dom/ sub time, let alone domino time around here. She mentioned the other day that I needed to do a better job of that or she would make me wear my maid outfit and I can't do that around my son so I started cleaning more for her. Hard telling if she meant business or not but not wanting to findout either. I know in the begining she would not take no for an answer and take what she wanted. Not sure she wants domino around or to take charge like she use too anymore because I have only seen glimpses of it and she is just as happy with her other toys then trying to have me assist her.
Dear diary, well I guess this is long overdue for me to do my homework in here. I haven't been doing my homework like I should I guess for a while nowbut lately my Lady has been on me to just shave the stubble away let alone do homework. She did show me a bit of her domiance yesterday with a tug of my hair and repeated her wishes and let me know of a few more I have been lacking on. So I am smooth all over once again, amazing what a little tug of the hair can do. It lets me know she still is i charge and gets my attention as well. I know better to refuse her when she starts that or face worse and besides the smooth legs, that really makes me feel like her owned gurl. Not as though I can keep her from doing more then that, that would be up to her to decide. Because as she reminded me yesterday I belong to her and she is in charge. She can have her way one way or another, either I give it to her or she use other means of getting what she wants. And I have faced those before and have been over her lap before and she still has the bondage gear and canes if she ever decides to use them to impose her will to straighten my attitude out. From the feel of silk on my smooth legs to the guidance of my Ladies hand, it is good to be an owned gurl.
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Jul. 14th, 2012

Dear diary, today my lady surprised me by saying she was going on a road trip with her friend and said she told me already. I thought that was a month away and think Im going to have to get another note book to keep up with her plans. I guess today I will just relax before I start my new job on monday seeing it sounds like I won't have much time to do that after starting this job. She did mention yesterday that I might have gotten the job because I was wearing my lucky panty hose, maybe she was right. She even mentioned me wearing my panties and as always and added that I should wear hose as well when I start monday. I hope she doesn't push that requirement though becuase working construction makes it really hard to hide when climbong all over the place. It could be worse though as she could make me wear them and lock me in chastity as well but I hope not. She also surprised me when I was kidding with her about my plans since she would be away today. I told her that since it is today and not next week I had to make some phone calls to tell everyone today was the party instead of later as thought. She told me that was ok as long as I wasn't alone with any girls. Guys would be ok but no alone time with other women. That really made me think about it and wonder if she was suggesting it would be ok with her if I was here alone with other guys because she thinks I wouldn't want that or if it would be something she would allow because she would like to do so as well when she got home. That isn't something I expected her to say and now know my place as far as that goes I think. She has played with other to a lesser extent before and I know from our rules that I am not allowed to play with or even meet others without her permission. That would really upset her and I would never do that but if shes wants to play with others like in the past I have no problem with it. I know my place and that is above all others, be it as I am her sub and held closer then anyone else. I think even if she found another I would always have a special place with her. I'm sure if she had another sub here while she was gone we both would be locked in chastity for the day and kept busy with her list of things to do while she was gone. Then again maybe it would be another man to watch over me and me being the only sub in the relationship. Either way I'm sure I wouldn't be able to be lazy and take a nap and rest all day awaiting her return home. Only my Lady knows what she meant or if she was kidding or not.
Dear diary well I think the job search is over and I found a much neeed job starting Monday. After weeks of searching and disappointments maybe I can start helping my lady with the bills again around here. It has been a month and although I have come up with a little bit of money it hasn't been much. Maybe now that will change since this job pays alot more then the last and they are working alot of hours to boot. I was beginning to think nothing would ever happen and how unfair it is to her. I already can't keep up with her in the bedroom and since losing my job haven't been doing my part with the money. I know she loves me very much as I do her and this is our house, but I still have thought of her getting tired of it and finding someone else to take my place. I wouldn't blame her if she did after all it should be all about her and if I ain't doing the job I would want her to find somene to do the job I wasn't. We have a wonderful home and like she has said it is our home and that won't change. That doesn't mean she should be denied and all. I have thought lately about what if we rented out one of the spare bedrooms to someone who also is a sub and that way she could have two people to meet her needs and not to mention make me a better sub by adding choices and compitition to our relationship as well as share in the bills. Then again if that was to happen she might not want another sub like me but another dom type guy to just take my place since she seems to not want to go through this again. She might not want to share the house but that would be ok with me and either way she would have a sub to help around here or a dom who would never denie her needs and I probally would be alot better at living up to my end of the rules to boot. That would be better then getting kicked out and going through life without her. Hopefully now I won't have to findout now that I have a job after all this time.

Dear diary, Well yet another day of job searching and still no luck. One interview only to be told they have a few more to make and will be in touch. I have talked with a bunch of different people today from different places and got some more leads but that's it. I really wish something would happen and happen like yesterday. I'm sure my Lady would like it as well to help out with the bills. Hopefully something comes up soon. She has mentioned me not working and she has too as well as gave me a spanking the other day that left my ass very sore. She mentioned that since I am not working that I should do more then just waiting untill right before she gets home to look busy. She told me I denied her again but to my defense it was 4 am and I don't even remember doing it. While over her lap though was not a very good time to aurgue with her. Then again there is not anytime that is good for that. If I was to aurgue with her it might be worse with her putting me in chastity or her getting out a whip or something no matter how much I cried. I ought to be glad it only happens once in awhile and I am not expected to have a much stricter regiem to follow. 486127494

Jul. 4th, 2012

Dear diary, well nothing new on the job search although yesterday I did hear of a prospect about one. I guess I will have to wait untill after the holiday to findout though. I hope this works out and I can get back to work soon. I like being employed and besides I don't make a very good house keeper. Not only is the income needed but if I was to be the maid of the house then we would need alot more discipline and training to make that work. I might have the uniform but my skills are very much lacking when it comes to that. Maybe if I could have a list with certain things to do with the task it would be better. But then again that would probally mean an excuse for much more sticter rules as well. With given so much leway I don't think my Lady is up to that and that is fine with me. I am just so lucky to have found a Lady to not only share my other side with but also demands it. I am the luckiest gurl I know, even if I don't know many others. She expects me to dress as her gurl and I have been doing a much better job lately I think and also not wanting to face any discipline, not denieing her her gurl when she wants to play as well. I know she has no problem with grabbing her paddle and have faced even worse before, so I don't want that and so I try my best to do as she says. Everything she does to make me feel owned and hers is appriciated and the dressing and such reminds me that she cares and accepts domino. So everything she wishes me to do as her gurl is taken seriously and just glad she doesn't mind the occasional seat left up on the toliet or make me paint my nails and wear a dress to go to the mall.3ed6f4849cb40d6f56422a2997cfa1c71325470482_full